Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Recipe For a Successful Call Center Agent

There are many call center agents out there, but which one is best for your company’s needs? This is an important question to ask, and to answer it correctly, you need to know the ingredients that make a call center agent effective.

Critical Thinking

Call centers often employ scripts to help chat agents solve problems as quickly as possible, but there are times when the script simply doesn’t fit the question. Agents then need to have critical thinking skills for these times so that they still appear knowledgeable and can prevent customers from getting frustrated.


When the tide turns and customers get angry with your company, it’s important to have call center agents who can show empathy. Not only can this help calm the angry customer down, but it shows them that your company truly cares.

Since agents are not in-person when talking to customers, showing empathy can be hard. It’s not impossible, though. Using the right words and phrases, for example, can help express empathy. Agents can placate a customer’s anger by using phrases like “I understand,” “I can’t even imagine,” and “If I were in your position”.

Having positive interactions with customers is the cornerstone for many successful businesses. When you hire chat agents with the right skills and build upon those skills even further, you can start establishing lifelong connections with customers.

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