Thursday, October 8, 2015

When to Outsource Customer Service?

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for a 24-hour customer service for businesses cannot be overstated. More than answering queries and concerns over the phone, customer service now includes engaging in real-time chat, monitoring and managing email, multimedia queueing, call routing, automated callbacks, and more.

There are undoubtedly numerous advantages in outsourcing customer service to companies offering inbound call center services. Before you decide on outsourcing your customer service needs to another company, you still need to take these considerations into account.

Calculate Costs and Savings

Pricing for their services vary and are usually based on volume, hours of operation and technical requirements. To determine if outsourcing did yield a higher return on investment, constantly check on service metrics and customer satisfaction scores.

Review Your Customer Experience

One unfortunate truth most business owners have come to accept is that not all of them are great at customer service or as sales agents. If you’d rather spend your time looking for ways to improve your business, outsourcing companies and contact centers are your next best bet.

Ensure a Balance between IT and EQ

Before fully relying on an outsourcing company, make sure that they are knowledgeable in maintaining the emotional quotient, or EQ, of your customers. Maintaining a positive relationship with your customers involves making them feel that they want to come back the next time. As high-tech as most contact centers may be, keeping a personal touch still works best for any business.

How to Get a Person When You Call Customer Service

If you are tired of pressing countless numbers to get the correct department when you call a customer service call center, you are not alone. While most call centers work hard to make it easy to navigate through their systems, you might still be unsure of which option is the best choice. These tips will help you to get the right person the next time you need assistance from a professional customer service call center.

Have a Question in Mind
If you have several issues that you are calling about, choose the most important one. For example, if your main concern is about billing, then follow the options that will connect you to the billing department. If you have additional questions that a billing service agent cannot answer, then that person may be able to connect you to someone who can.

Call During Off-peak Hours
If the customer service call center you are trying to contact is in the U.S, try calling during off-peak hours. The busiest times are usually in the midmorning and late afternoon hours. Try calling at different times for a shorter wait.

Search Beforehand
Before calling a customer service call center, do a little research beforehand. Type the company's name and the words "customer service" into your search engine. If you can get a direct line to their service center, you are more likely to get help.

Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing is an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes and varieties. Businesses based in the United States can especially benefit from a multilingual call center. Consider these benefits when deciding whether outsourcing is the right option for your business.


Once you outsource such responsibilities as customer service, survey taking and billing, you can significantly reduce the amount of in-house manpower required to run your business. When you outsource labor, you also reduce the burden of in-house training, materials and office supplies, and data storage.

Multilingual Capabilities

Rather than finding bilingual or multilingual staff members, an outsourced call center offers the services of a variety of multilingual professionals without the need to hire any dedicated employees. This is an ideal option for businesses looking to expand their customer service options for customers that speak Spanish.

Instant Accessibility

Diverse call times are one of the greatest benefits of outsourcing your call center services. A dedicated call center is able to offer 24/7 services to your customers, making your brand appear more accessible and generally improving your image. When customers are able to resolve issues quickly over the phone, they are more likely to leave positive reviews and return for additional goods and services in the future.

Outsourcing comes with many benefits, but the most important one is that it helps your business connect more efficiently with your customers' needs. In doing so, you can improve your brand reputation and cut costs.