Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to Effectively Communicate with Customers

Call center agents are at the frontlines every day dealing with customers, making sure that they have the support that they need for your product and service. If you use these agents as part of your team, it’s important that they know how to communicate. Help them succeed by showing them what effective communication looks like.

Offer a Friendly, Professional Greeting

It always starts with the greeting. How your agents begin the conversation often determines the mood of both parties. Now, there are many ways to greet customers, but focusing on the basics is a starting point. Agents need to call the customer by their full name.

Even something as simple as pronouncing their name right goes a long way in keeping the customer in a good mood. Addressing the customer formally, using “sir” and “ma’am,” also helps because it establishes a professional relationship.

Keep a Positive Tone

Tone is everything for a call center agent. No matter how heated the customer gets, make sure your agents keep a neutral tone throughout the conversation. This is a challenge when your agents first start, of course. Agents who keep a positive tone during this stressful time, though, better their odds of diffusing the heated situation.

Communicating with customers is not always going to be a walk in the park. Angry and irrational customers sometimes end up on the other line, but your agents can diffuse the situation by remaining calm and showing respect.

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