Monday, January 16, 2017

The Many Benefits of Nearshore Call Centers

These days, a person will most likely be directed to a call center representative if they come across a problem with a product or a website. One concern, though, is that English may not be a caller’s first language. In fact, for some, they may Spanish primarily, which can be an even bigger issue. If this is the concern of many of your clients, then consider the benefits of a nearshore call center in Baja.

Bilingual Representatives

If your clients don’t speak English, there are bilingual call centers--like those found in the Baja area--with representatives that speak English and Spanish. This bilingualism could give your company an edge, especially considering there are 52.6 million people in the United States that speak Spanish—with 41 million being native Spanish speakers.

Comfort in proximity

Though consumers may not be able to visit call centers, there is a comfort in having one so nearby. Such proximity allows customers to feel an even greater trust on the reliability of representative they speaking with. It also allows customers to feel more at ease about giving out personal information, which is sometimes necessary with these calls.

Even better, you can visit these nearshore call centers yourself, and do a quick check on the team assigned to you. Just like how your customer feel better about talking to a bilingual speaker, you’ll feel better about having access as well.

With nearshore call centers, there is greater trust in the representative and no language barriers, allowing your customers to get the resolution they are seeking without the accompanying frustration.

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