Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Assisting Call Centers Using Emotion Detection

Getting help from call centers in Baja is a great way to spread the reach of your company, bettering your communications with customers as a whole. Now, emotion detection software is being used in conjunction with these call center services, and for good reason.

Identify Dissatisfied Customers

The primary goal of emotion detection software is to identify dissatisfied customers. It works by recording every word from each customer that calls in. Using in-depth algorithms, call centers can program certain words that the software searches for.

It could be phrases like: “I’ve already had this problem before,” “I am a loyal customer,” or
“You people are all the same.” Basically, it is any phrase that shows customer frustration is identified, so that problems are assessed and prevented from happening in the future.

Save Time

When an angry customer calls in, sometimes, they are just calling to vent, with no real intention of working with your call center agents. Luckily, emotion detection software helps identify which customers truly want their problem solved quickly, and which customers are just trying to vent their frustrations any way they can. As a result, your company spends time on customers that actually matter for your company’s relationships going forward.

Dealing with angry customers can be a hassle, but there is new hope, thanks to emotion detection software. It helps your company maintain communications with the customer effectively. Subsequently, your company will be better at identifying recurring problems and focusing on customers that truly matter for your company’s bottom line.

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