Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Outsourcing Your Customer Service The Easy Way

While it cannot be denied that outsourcing your customer service can do wonders not only for your bottom line but for your company’s image as well, very few are familiar with the process of how the outsourcing can be done. This situation can be quite risky as a business owner can get carried away by sweet talk.

What To Do

Before you start to think about call center outsourcing, there are a number of factors that you might want to take a look into first. First, you need to figure out if outsourcing the best remedy to your situation. This would mean taking a look at your budget as well as the volume of work that needs done. Not only will this help you decide on whether or not to outsource, but it will also guide you through deciding on how many seats you need. You would need to do some pencil pushing and compare whether outsourcing would be better than just having your own customer service personnel or department.

Outsourcing your customer service would also mean letting a third-party into your client's’ information. That being the case, you need to verify whether the information that you have is okay to be shared, and whether the call center have safety nets that would ensure that these information are kept confidential.

Once you have found a center that meets your standards, ask for voice clips of their agents while taking calls. This would give you an idea on how they would be handling your account. It is also recommended that you set up a teleconferencing or a skype call with the account manager who would be handling your needs. Ask for a list of clients they have handled before as well as a list of clients who have been with them for quite some time. Make sure you only go for a center you are comfortable working with.

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