Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to Get a Person When You Call Customer Service

If you are tired of pressing countless numbers to get the correct department when you call a customer service call center, you are not alone. While most call centers work hard to make it easy to navigate through their systems, you might still be unsure of which option is the best choice. These tips will help you to get the right person the next time you need assistance from a professional customer service call center.

Have a Question in Mind
If you have several issues that you are calling about, choose the most important one. For example, if your main concern is about billing, then follow the options that will connect you to the billing department. If you have additional questions that a billing service agent cannot answer, then that person may be able to connect you to someone who can.

Call During Off-peak Hours
If the customer service call center you are trying to contact is in the U.S, try calling during off-peak hours. The busiest times are usually in the midmorning and late afternoon hours. Try calling at different times for a shorter wait.

Search Beforehand
Before calling a customer service call center, do a little research beforehand. Type the company's name and the words "customer service" into your search engine. If you can get a direct line to their service center, you are more likely to get help.

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